Why A Simple "Thank You" Goes A Long Way When Managing Employees

A survey conducted by OnePoll late last year looked at employee recognition in the workplace.

Seventy percent of those polled say they are working longer and harder today, and 75 percent would like more appreciation for what they are doing. In fact, 68 percent say the failure to notice their efforts erodes their motivation.

The survey asked respondents what kind of recognition they would like to hear from managers, and the top three responses were "thank you," "I appreciate you doing that," and "that was helpful." Following that, respondents said they would appreciate hearing that their "time is valuable," and being recognized when they exceeded expectations.

Another interesting result is that more than 75 percent of employees surveyed tie their mental health to their perception of workplace appreciation. "Survey Reveals Employees Would Likely Work Harder If Their Bosses Do One Simple Thing" www.goodnewsnetwork.org (Nov. 28, 2020).


It is important that managers recognize employees’ efforts to persevere through this past year of unprecedented disruption. As the above survey illustrates, verbal recognition goes a long way, and costs very little.

So, saying “thank you” goes a long way for most employees.

When thanking an employee for their hard work, be as specific as possible. Even if it is simply a few extra hours they put in, be sure to identify exactly what you appreciate. Consider writing a personal note and choosing a public forum to express your recognition.

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