What Employers Can Expect for 2019

The McCalmon Group examines all risks as they relate to the workplace. In the What Employers Can Expect for 2019 series of Risk Trends™, we examine what has happened in 2018 and combine it with our experience to make a prediction for 2019.

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Latest Articles
19 Jul
A newly-divorced man's parents threw out his porn collection. He is suing them for $87,000. Should employees be able to sue? You make the call.
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18 Jul
An employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. if it can sidestep extra paperwork by firing an employee who has had his wages garnished. Learn about garnishments and employer liabilities.
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12 Jul
Researchers predict artificial intelligence (AI) will replace several management functions, including functions of human resources. What do you think? You make the call and join the conversation.
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